Different Stairs

Classic Majestic Stair Case

There are many decisions you must make when you build or remodel a space. One important question you must ask yourself is what type of stairs you want or need. Stairs can be a great way to incorporate architectural detail and add interest to your home or business. Here are some popular types of stairs.

Straight stairs are probably the most common type of stairs. They are a great choice for a residential home or a commercial space. They are both easy to build and easy to go up and down. Straight stairs must be anchored at the top and the bottom.

Straight stairs do not have to be boring. They can be customized by using different types of treads and risers to make them more interesting. They can also be a great choice for a more minimalist aesthetic. Many types of handrails can be easily incorporated to your straight stair design.

Another great type of stairs is called an L shaped stair. This type of stair is essentially a straight stair with a bend midway through. Most commonly, the bend I 90 degrees. L shaped stairs have many advantages. They are interesting to look at and some consider them more safe than straight stairs because their landing.

L shaped stairs do take a bit more planning to construct than straight stairs. They also must be supported at the bend. They can also be easily customized with handrails and support systems that are both pleasing to look at and also fit in with the design of the space.

A variation of L shaped stairs is called Winder stairs. They differ from L shaped because the landing is triangular shaped. This is a great way to conserve space as they require less room to build.

U shaped stairs are essentially two flights of stairs that connect by a landing. U shaped stairs are different than straight stairs because they require you to turn 180 degrees instead of just 90.

U stairs are relatively easy to add into a space. They are simple to build and are also interesting to look at. They are nice because the landing is large enough for people to rest on midway up the stairs.

These are just a few of the types of stairs to consider. It is definitely worth doing your research on different types of stairs to figure out which type works best for you and your needs.