Equipment List for 2012:

Preserve Equipment:
4 Pressure Cooker Canners (each includes canning tool kit)
1 Water Bath Canner includes canning tool kit)
4 Food Dehydrators
2 Steam Juicers
1 Apple/Potato peeler
2 Food mills

Serve Equipment:
100 dinner plate (27 are plastic)
100 small plates
100 bowls
100 glasses (20 are plastic)
100 forks
100 spoons
100 knives
65 cloth napkins (off white)

**Please be aware that the dishes and glasses in our Serve Library are mismatched.

7 responses to “Inventory

  1. Thanks to Preserve and Serve for plates, glasses and napkins for our opening reception. St. Johns + RHS + Art had a great kick-off party with 100+ guests and about a paper grocery sack worth of trash at the end. A green party! Dre was especially sweet to make time that fit my schedule to open up the closet – twice. Kudos to all!

  2. A friend and I would like to know if Preserve and Serve would be interested in a countertop turkey roaster (used once) and an electric griddle (great for pancake feeds (used maybe four times/no room to store).

    • andreadaveycomcastnet

      We limit our Preserve and Serve Library to just a few specific items due to space and logistical reasons but our umbrella organization Swapnplay would utilize those items in their member Home Good Library. It is only open to swapnplay supporting member as it is run very differently but the items would be loved and shared by 150 families! We can not give out tax receipts as we are a state non profit and do not have our IRS 501c3 tax exemption yet. Let us know if you are still interested.

  3. I’ll check with my friend tonight re: the countertop roaster, but I know it’s a go for the electric griddle. I’m assuming if I check the SwapnPlay site, I can find out when to drop off the donation. (No problem with it not being a tax write-off. The griddle needs to be used!) Thanks.

    • andreadaveycomcastnet

      Hi Ronna,

      Any chance you can come by Swapnplay Saturday the 29th (tomorrow) to drop off your items? A Preserve & Serve rep will be there from 10:30-11:30am and can handle them for you (and get them to the Home Goods Library). Let me know if that works for you.

  4. So sorry. Had dental work done on Friday and had a VERY unhappy nerve. Didn’t see your inquiry until today, Monday. When is the nex time someone is on site?

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